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Client Screenshots & Results

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Client Stories & Interviews

Christina Chaplin

From looking at a bunch of solutions to getting higher rankings and more traffic in Google.

EXTREME content growth

We researched keywords the competitors were ranking for – and how Christine could take a share of that traffic. We built out a content writing framework with hundreds of article topics – one of the topics as seen on the right. This framework allowed for a detailed and weekly blogpost schedule for the website. And these blogposts – together with the rest of our framework – attract visitors to the tune of thousands. Ain’t that great?

Christina Chaplin - google review
one topic build-out

Shan – Verhuisbedrijf Draagkracht

From a 1 year old website with little traffic – to a juggernaut of a moving company.

We started with an empty WordPress theme. No content, no links. 12 months in, we started to see some major increases in rankings – and the results speak for themselves.

EXTREME traffic growth

What you’re witnessing on the right is a website that consistently brings in a thousand people – per day!

verhuisbedrijf draagkracht - seo bryn review
1000 bezoekers per dag

What if I want to know more about you?

Everything that’s important to know about me – for your business – is on this page.

Do you have any references?

If you’re still asking that at this point ..

How much do you charge?

How much does a brain surgeon charge when he operates on you? How much does a realtor charge when he sells you an up-town loft?

Can you get me my results quickly?

If you need new clients this month – and you’re looking to bet on SEO – then you’re betting on the wrong horse. Dare I say that you’ve started your inquiries way too late.

Do you have any other ‘opening moves’ besides this page?

What is this, a beauty pageant?

Do you have a guarantee?

Yeah. I guarantee that I’ll be in touch with your competitors sooner or later. The only distinction is this: either I’m fighting on your side – or I’m not.

Can you have a look at my website conversion too?

I will not. I can list you a couple of tools that help me – but I won’t do any conversion for your website. That’s on you.

I can‘t pay for SEO and I don’t know anyone I can refer..

Good luck – and let me know if you get struck by lightning.

How do you get these types of results / what’s your method of operating?

That’s too much info to cram into one sentence – and it’s in part locked away in a vault with a heavy steel door – so to speak.

A Quick Overview of the Process

The Vault Unlocked Method

The key to this method is designed for the following types of businesses:

  • Business owners – business experience is a must.

What’s in the Vault:

A method to help our clients build out a content framework, optimize the heck out of it, and multiple methods to build links. Most of it geared to getting great rankings in Google and getting the traffic that comes with it.

  • Unlocking of: The Measuring & Tracking method

    List Content goes here

  • Unlocking of: The Other SEO Getting Methods

    List Content goes here

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